It's finally Pride Month! Let your colors shine!

Hey, everyone! It's Pride Month, and we're so excited to celebrate with all of you.

Jun. 1, 2023

It's finally Pride Month! Let your colors shine!

Cubey PrideBanner.png

Cubey is shining brightly with Pride!

Hey, everyone! It's Pride Month, and we're so excited to celebrate with all of you. We have a whole list of events and activities planned for the month of June!

This announcement will go through all the changes, planned events, and more! So let's dive in!

A new, prideful, look!

Cubey is letting their colors shine, and it's starting to show across the network!

The Survival world is starting to look a lot more colorful! As pride flags populate spawn, expect to see more changes as the mysterious Pride Island moves ever-closer!

Gifts for everyone!

The Rainbow Quartz Rocki has made its yearly return! For the rest of the month, anyone can obtain all of the perks of the Quartz rank completely for free! This temporary rank only lasts for 30 days, and will no longer be available after June. Get it while you can!

In addition to this free rank, all other ranks and boosts are 20% off for the duration of the month! But, that's not all! Every time a rank is purchased, everyone online will be given two Rainbow Shards! These rare gems are keys to unlocking the Prism Crate at /warp Crates.

This exclusive crate contains special rewards that can only be obtained during Pride Month. Some rewards even benefit everyone online! You can get a head start collecting the Rainbow Shard keys by voting on all three sites.

And while we're at it... While opening the Prism Crate, you may find some mysterious dust in your inventory... Hold onto it! As Pride Island moves closer, you'll be able to use the dust to forge some rare and powerful items with special effects.

Vote links
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Vote site 1

Planet Minecraft

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Vote site 2

Minecraft Servers List

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Vote site 3

Minecraft Multiplayer

Exciting new events!

We have new events planned for the month of June, starting now! Want to participate? Grab the @Events role on our Discord server! Each event will reward participants with Rainbow Shards and Pride Dust, and some lucky winners may even unlock the rare Ammolite /tag, which can only be obtained during our Pride events!

This month's first event is the Pride Skin Contest! In this event, you'll have until the end of the month to create a fun, colorful, and creative skin that represents what you're Prideful about! Once you create a skin, submit it to ⁠pride-skin-contest channel of our Discord server, or in the Creation Catelog forum. Good luck! We can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Online events more your style? Join us on Saturday, June 3rd for the Ultra Hardcore Event!

Show all events
Week 1
Ultra Hardcore
▶ Pride Skin Contest
Week 2
▶ Pride Island Arrival
▶ Pride Build Contest
▶ Tile'd Elimination
Week 3
▶ Gartic Phone
▶ Antfarm
Week 4
▶ Community Parade
▶ Movie Night
Week 5
▶ Pride Head Hunt
▶ Pride 'n Seek
▶ Skin & Build Contest Deadlines

We're happy you're here to celebrate with us!

That's all for this announcement! We can't wait to see everyone online. Please be sure to join our Discord server for the latest news and information, and grab the @Events role to get alerts for our upcoming events!

With love, Prism Party.

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