Updates imminent! (and announcements)

Prism Party staff have been busy working on updating the Network to 1.20 and on the next major Survival update.

Jun. 4 2023

Updates imminent! (and announcements)


Prism Party staff have been busy working on updating the Network to 1.20 and on the next major Survival update.

Within the following weeks, you should expect Prism Party to temporarily shut down for updates, as well as further announcements as to the winners of our Pride Skin and Build contests.

Updates incoming!

Prism Party is just about ready to update to 1.20.1. With every major update, there are some important changes and caveats to take note of:

  • Prism Party's Survival world border will be expanded to include the new terrain features. As with the previous update, this expansion will likely add 2.5k blocks to the world.
  • Prism Party will be updating to a more modern chest and block protection plugin. As such, certain commands may change. Existing block protections and settings will remain, however.
  • Certain minor plugins are still awaiting updates. The Goodiebag and Explosion Regeneration plugins do not have working 1.20 versions; Alternatives will replace these plugins until a viable update is released.
  • The Creative server will be updated shortly following the updates to Survival.

The entirety of Prism Party Network will go down as updates are initially concluded. Downtime is expected to be for a few hours. An announcement will be made prior to the Network shutdown with further details.

Contest winners!

With our Pride Events finally at their conclusion, it's almost time to announce the winners of our two contests! We're looking through all the entries now, so you can expect another announcement with the winners by the end of the week.

Thank you so much to those who participated in the contests, and to all who have shown interest in participating in our weekly events!

We're happy you're here to celebrate with us!

That's all for this announcement! We can't wait to see everyone online. Please be sure to join our Discord server for the latest news and information!

With love, Prism Party.

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