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/auction commands[edit]


Opens a GUI that provides simplified shortcuts to bidding, starting auctions or ignoring them.


Provides the required format to run an auction. Identical stem commands include /ezauction and /ezauctions. The following conditions can be set for auctions:

<start> (Required)
<amount> (Required) - The number of the specified item you would like to sell. Must be present in your inventory.
<price> (Required) - The price at which you would like to start your auction at.
[increment] (Optional) - The minimum price you would like bids to increase by. Will set the amount added by /bid if players do not specify an amount themselves.
[Autobuy] (Optional) - The maximum amount of money someone can bid before the auction automatically ends and they win the auction.
[Time] (Optional) - The length of time the auction can run for.

A minimal auction command would therefore look like this:

/auction start 1 500

This would sell one of the item a player is holding in their main hand for ₲500.

A more complex auction command would look like this:

/auction start 1 500 100 5000 120

This would sell one of the item a player is holding in their hand for ₲500. Players can bid on the item in ₲100 increments, and if a player bids ₲5000, the auction will end and they will be declared the winner. The auction will be set to last 120 seconds.

Because of the nature of the formatting, optional commands must be added in chronological order. Therefore, if you would like to specify the time of an auction, you must also set the increment and autobuy, otherwise the number will autofill to one of the earlier conditions.

/auction cancel[edit]

Cancel your active auction.

/auction enable[edit]

Stop ignoring auction notifications.

/auction ignore[edit]

Ignore all auctions.

/auction ignoreplayer [PlayerName][edit]

Ignore all auctions from a specific player.

/auction info[edit]

See information on the current auction.

/auction queue[edit]

View all auction items currently waiting in the queue. If an auction has just ended, the queue will not show the next item to be auctioned as it is in the middle of transitioning to an active auction. Once you have an item in the transition stage, you will be able to queue another auction.

/auction remove[edit]

Remove your auction from the queue. This will not remove the auction in the middle of being transitioned from queue to active.

/auction scoreboard[edit]

Toggle the auction scoreboard on the right of the screen on or off

/auction spam[edit]

Ignore spammy auction broadcast messages specifically rather than auctions themselves. Includes individual bids and anti-snipe messages.

/auction startsealed[edit]

An alternative to /auction start in which the bids are hidden from both the auctioner and bidders. Each player is able to bid once. If a player runs /bid without a specified amount and was not the first bid of the auction, their bid will be the highest previous bid with the increment added.

/bid [Amount][edit]

Bid on an active auction. If an amount is not specified the bid will go up by the increment specified by the auctioner.

/bio commands[edit]


Allows one to change their age settings


Allows one to access their entire bio and change settings. These settings can be seen by others by hovering over your name.


Allows one to change their set gender


Allows one to change their set orientation


Allows one to change their set pronouns

/bottle commands[edit]

/bottle get[edit]

Allows one to bottle their XP. One must hold empty glass bottles to fill.

/bottle give [PlayerName] [Amount][edit]

Allows one to give XP to another person. Amount refers to XP. No bottles are needed for this transaction.

/bottle stats[edit]

Allows one to view their own statistics on bottled XP

/bottle until[edit]

Allows one to check how much XP is needed to level up

/bottle store[edit]

Allows one to store a particular amount of XP in XP bottles. One must hold empty glass bottles to fill.

/c commands (containers)[edit]

Note: Land claims override any /c protections or modifications placed on containers. You will need to use claim trust commands for people to access containers within claims. Identical stem commands include /lwc.


Creates a display container in which people can view items, but not edit, place or remove them. Best used for lecturns.


Creates a donation container in which people can place items, but not remove them.


Allows hoppers to dispense items into the selected container.


View a container's protection information.

/cmodify (PlayerName)[edit]

Adds players able to access containers with a private protection placed on them. Identical commands include /ctrust and /allow.

/cpassword (Password)[edit]

Creates a container accessible only through the use of the specified password.


Used to run the same /c command on multiple chests without typing the command each time. Appropriate use is running /cpersist, running the /c command of preference, punching all containers you would like the /c command to apply to, and finally running /cpersist again to turn this function off.


Creates a privately-protected container. This is the default setting when placing containers.


Creates a container accessible to all to add and place items, but only the owner is able to destroy it.


Removes any protections from placed containers.
/unlock has an identical function to this.


Removes every protection placed on any container you own. You will be prompted to type '/lwc confirm' to confirm this.
Note: This is irreversible. Do not use unless absolutely certain there are no containers you've created on the server that you wish to remain protected.

/cunlock (Password)[edit]

Unlocks containers that are password-protected, given the correct password is provided. This command only works after the player attempts to open the container first, and the player will have access to the container for as long as they are logged into the server.


Provides a list of most /c commands.

/claim commands[edit]

/abandon claim [Claim][edit]

Removes the specified claim. If you are standing in a claim and the command is used standalone, the claim you are in will be selected. Brings up a confirmation screen in chat that needs to be clicked on. Identical commands include /unclaim. /abandonallclaims will remove all of your claims.

/accesstrust (username)[edit]

Allows the provided user access to doors, buttons, etc, but not containers within a claim. Can use /accesstrust public to allow public use of those blocks.


Allows one to buy claimblocks to make claims. Identical commands include /buyclaimblocks.


Allows one to go into claim mode to make claims. One must be atleast level 1 to use this.

Claims are always rectangular and must be at least 5 x 5. One must have adequate claimblocks to make a claim.


Allows one to view claims that are for sale and to buy a claim.


Allows one to create a contract for their plot to put it up for sale.


Allows one to create a claim from the point they are standing with a chosen radius.


Allows one to set a display name for their claim, which can be seen in the dynamic map.


Allows one to expand a claim a certain amount of blocks in the direction one is facing.


Allows one to set a farewell message for their plot. This message will show up when a player leaves a claim.


Allows one to change the settings and permission of their claim.

These settings and permissions most importantly include:

-Chest access

-Mob spawn

-PVP settings

-Fire spread


-TNT settings

-Use of entities and interactive blocks


-Allowing/denying entrance to certain players


Allows one to set a definition for the claimflag. Refer to /claimflag for information on possibilities


Allows one to set a greeting message for their claim. This message will show up when a player enters a claim


Allows one to view the claimviewer in the form of a GUI rather than text.


Allows one to view the ID of a claim and override that claim.


Allows one to view information about their claim and to be able to spawn at one of the corners of their claim.


Allows one to incorporate child claims into the parent claim.

(Verify this statement)


Allows one to check if a block has been claimed by someone.


Allows one to view all their claims and inspect them. Use /claimgui to view this menu via a GUI. Identical commands include /claimslist.


Shows all notifications regarding the claims one has. Currently does not work


Allows one to put up a claim for sale


Allows one to change/set the spawn of their claim


Teleports one to the spawn of the claim one is in. Only the owner of the claim can use this command.


Allows one to set a title for their claim. This title can be seen in the dynamic map


Refer to /claim for information


Allows one to transfer the ownership of a claim to someone else.


Allows one to sell their claimblocks for 75% of the purchasing price. Identical commands include /sellclaimblocks.

/trust [Username][edit]

Give a user permission to break and place blocks in your claim.

/cosmetic commands[edit]

/chatcolor [Color][edit]

Available for Prism rank only. Changes the color of your chat messages. Accepts either the format from /colors or hex codes.


Brings up the UI to access options for cosmetics. Identical commands include /cosmetics.


Allows one to set their own disguise. Available these ranks with the following conditions:

Emerald+: Passive mobs only
Topaz+: Most mobs
Iridium+: /savedisg available


Allows one to disguise themselves. Identical commands include /dis and /disg.


Removes a disguise. Identical commands include /undisg. Also useful if you are stuck with Cubeol's skin upon exiting the Rift.


Note: the /feelings command alone will bring up a UI of possible feelings, whereas /emotions will bring up a list in chat.

Available for Quartz+ and players at level 15. The command format to use these emotions is /feeling [PlayerUser]. Recipients may experience a sound effect or particle animation when the command is used. All available feelings commands are:


/glow commands[edit]

Available for these ranks under the following conditions:

Emerald+: Glow
Topaz+: Blink animation
Prism: Rainbow animation

/glow blink [Color] [Speed][edit]

Set a blinking glow on your character. Available for Topaz+.

/glow color[edit]

Sets the color of your glow.

/glow help[edit]

Shows all available glow commands.

/glow list[edit]

Shows a list of possible glow effects and colors that can be applied.

/glow toggle[edit]

Toggle your glow on or off. Identical commands include /glow on and /glow off respectively.

/glow visibility [Option][edit]

Set what glows are visible to you. Options include:

All: All glows are visible.
Other: Glows of other users are visible.
Own: Your glow is visible.
None: No glows are visible.


Available for Amethyst+ and players at level 15. Lets the user wear the held item as a hat. When one's main hand is empty, the following message will be displayed: "You are already wearing an air hat, airhead!" Identical commands include /head.


Enables you to change the color of your nickname or username in chat.
Nickname formatting has the following requirements:
Quartz: Color change only (refer to /colors)*
Amethyst: Legacy colors only (refer to /colors)
Sapphire: RGB support (ability to make gradients - a player-recommended site for this is
Emerald+: Format support (ability to format text - a player-recommended site for this is Formatting options can also be viewed with /colors)
Colored nicknames can also be unlocked at Level 15, and formatting options at Level 30. The command should be written in the following format:

/nick &bCubey

*Not sure how this differs from legacy colors. Please edit if known.


Available for Iridium+. Trade the painting held for a specific type of painting.


Opens the UI for equipping and purchasing custom chat tags. If your tag is glitched, remove all tags, exit the UI, run the command again and equip your tag of choice.


View and set custom flight trails. Available for Prism rank.

Event (reward) commands[edit]


Gives you the ability to select your status and readiness during events. Status involves whether one plays the game or spectates it, while readiness signifies whether one is ready to participate or not.

Important: /guide also gives you access to your event goodiebag. Put your event rewards in there to store them away safely as usually inventories get wiped before each round of an event. Not putting them in your goodiebag might therefore result in you losing your rewards!

Once in survival, run /guide and right click on your player head to access your goodiebag from the events server.

Note: This plugin is currently not functional as it has not been updated. To claim your prizes, take a screenshot of your goodiebag before leaving the events server and create a discord ticket to receive the rewards manually.


Gives you an oversight over virtual keys that have been rewarded to you. These keys work similar to physical keys and you just need to hit the crate to use the virtual key(s).

Inventory Management[edit]


Allows one to open their backpack. The backpack functions like an ender chest. Identical commands include /bp, /backpack open and /bp open. Available for these ranks under the following conditions:

Quartz: 1 row (Additionally available for players at level 10
Amethyst: 2 rows
Sapphire: 3 rows
Emerald: 4 rows
Topaz: 6 rows (Additionally available for players at level 40)
Iridium+: 6 rows and automatic sorting


Available for Quartz+. Sorts items into their condensed forms, such as ores into blocks and nuggets into ingots. Identical commands include /condense.


Available for Quartz+ and players at level 20. Opens a UI in which items added to are permanently deleted once the UI is exited out of. This is not reversable. Identical commands include /disposal.

/jobs commands[edit]


Opens the jobs GUI.

/jobs archive[edit]

View the level progress on the previous jobs you've had and the cooldown to rejoin them.

/jobs browse[edit]

View all available jobs and their payment info in the GUI.

/jobs clearownership[edit]

Removes all workstations registered to your jobs.
Note: There is further confirmation required for this command, and it cannot be undone. Use with caution.

/jobs gtop [PageNumber][edit]

Shows the global player list for top aggregated job level (all current job levels combined).

/jobs info [Job][edit]

Provides payment info for the specified job in chat as opposed to the GUI.

/jobs join [Job][edit]

Join the specified job. The number of jobs you can join at once is dependent on the following conditions:

Pebble: 1
Quartz: 1
Amethyst: 2
Sapphire: 3
Emerald: 3
Topaz: 4
Iridium: 4
Prism: 5 (Additionally available for players at level 35)

/jobs leave [Job][edit]

Leave the specified job.
Note: You will not be able to join this job for another 30 minutes after leaving.

/jobs leaveall[edit]

Leave all jobs you are currently joined to.
Note: There is no further confirmation required. You will not be able to join any of these jobs for another 30 minutes after leaving, so use with caution.

/jobs limit[edit]

View your progress on the amount of money you can make per hour. Each time you level up in a job, you will be able to earn a bonus of ₲10 per hour. If you have multiple jobs, all extra job bonuses stack on top of the baseline of ₲500 per hour earned.

/jobs ownedblocks[edit]

View a list of all workstations registered to your jobs and remove them individually if desired.

/jobs stats[edit]

View the levelling progress for your current jobs.

/jobs toggle actionbar[edit]

Turns off the actionbar that appears at the bottom of the screen when performing actions that pay towards your job, and moves them into the chat.

/jobs toggle bossbar[edit]

Turns off the bossbar that appears at the top of the screen when performing actions that give you experience towards levelling up your job.

/jobs top[edit]

Opens the GUI for viewing either the global leaderboard for top aggregated job level or the individual highest levels for each job.

/jobs top [Job] [PageNumber][edit]

Shows a list of the players with the highest levels in the specified job. This only applies to jobs players are currently joined to.


Shows all active jobs one has and their progress in those jobs. Hover over a quest bar to view details of the quest. Once a day, players have the option to click a quest to skip it and get a new one. Quest difficulties range from Easy to Impossible. Resets daily.

/mail commands[edit]

Note: All below commands also work with the base command /email and /memo.

/mail clear [Number][edit]

Clears the specified mail in your read list. Mails are numbered from most recent, so /mail clear 1 will delete the most recent mail you have been sent. Not specifying a number may clear all mail in the list.

/mail read [PageNumber][edit]

Provides a list of mail sent to you. Ordered from most recent mail.

/mail send [PlayerUser] [Message][edit]

Sends the specified user a message they can read at any time. Useful for contacting players not currently online.

/marry commands[edit]

/marry accept[edit]

Accepts a marriage request

/marry cancel[edit]

Cancels your marriage request

/marry deny[edit]

Denies the incoming marriage request

/marry divorce <Name>[edit]

Divorces you and chosen partner.

/marry list[edit]

Allows one to see all marriages

/marry listpriests[edit]

Allows one to see all online priests

/marry partners <Name>[edit]

Allows one to see all the partners of a particular player.

/marry marry <Name>[edit]

Sends a marry request to the named player.

/marry help[edit]

Allows one to see more marry commands.

/mc commands (McMMO)[edit]


Toggles the McMMO abilities on and off.


Shows the amount of time remaining until each ability can be used.
Note: /mccooldowns has an identical function to this.

/mcinspect [PlayerName][edit]

Inspect the /mcstats of nearby players.


Turn McMMO notifications on and off.


View your rank in each skill according to the global player /mctop lists.


View your levelling progress for each learned skill as well as your power level.

/mctop [Skill][edit]

Provides a list of the highest-level players in the specified skill. Running the command without a specified skill will produce a global list of the highest power levels.


Provides a summary of the levelling progress on the specified MCMMO skill as well as sub-skills.

/[Skill] ? [PageNumber][edit]

Provides a guide and help page for the specified McMMO skill.

/message commands[edit]

/message [PlayerUser] [Message][edit]

Sends a private message to a player. Identical commands include /m, /msg, /whisper, /w, /tell, /t and /pm.

/reply [Message][edit]

Sends a private message to the last player who messaged you. Identical commands include /r.

Movement commands[edit]


Allows one to crawl without the need of e.g. a trapdoor. Identical commands include /bellyflop.


Opens the UI for enabling flight and buying flight time. Flight has a timer and flight time can be prolonged by crate rewards and by purchasing flight time. Identical commands include /tf, /tfly, /timedfly and /timefly.

Sapphire+ gets unlimited flight time. Prism+ can access flight trails.


Allows one to toggle flight on and off without the UI popping up. Identical commands include /tempfly.


Allows one to lie down flat on their back.


Allows one to spin in a circle with an animation.



Return to the last location you previously teleported from. Can also be used to return to the place of your death. Entering portals sets the last /back location as the portal entrance. Identical commands include /return.

/home commands[edit]

/delhome [HomeName][edit]

Deletes the specified home. Identical commands include /rmhome.

/home [HomeName][edit]

Teleports you to the specified home.


Brings up a UI of your available homes and potential home slots remaining.

/sethome [HomeName][edit]

Sets a home at the specified location. The number of homes available to set aside from the last bed you slept in (accessible via /home bed) is dependent on rank:

Pebble: 3
Quartz: 5
Amethyst: 10
Sapphire: 15
Emerald: 20
Topaz: 30
Iridium: 40
Prism: Unlimited


Brings up the market UI to teleport to player-owned markets in the spawn area. See a list of market shops here.


Teleport to spawn.


Available for Topaz+. Teleport to the topmost block of the coordinate you are standing in.

Teleport commands[edit]


Accept the most recent teleport request sent to you.

/tpahere [PlayerName][edit]

Sends a notification to a player requesting that they teleport to you.

/tpask [PlayerName][edit]

Sends a notification to a player requesting to teleport to them. Identical commands include /call and /tpa.


Cancels any outgoing teleport requests you have sent.


Toggles teleport requests sent to you going through automatically without the need for /tpaccept on or off.


Deny the most recent teleport request sent to you. Identical commands include /tpno.


Teleports you to a random location in the overworld. The cooldown for this command is 60 seconds, regardless of rank. Identical commands include /tpr, /rtp and /wild.


When used, it will pull you to a list of warps set up by staff to teleport to.

Current list consists of NorthMarket, SouthMarket, Arena, Tutorial, Spawn, Crates, Church, End, NetherHub, Maze, Event, DropParty, Beach, Portals, RiftPortal and PrideIsland.

/party commands[edit]

/party ?[edit]

View a description for all party commands in chat. Identical commands include /party help.

/party accept[edit]

Accept an invite to another player's party.

/party alliance [PartyName][edit]

Create an alliance with another party (verify). Unlockable once your party reaches level 5.

/party create [PartyName] [password][edit]

Create a party and optionally set a password.

/partychat [Message][edit]

Write a chat that only members of your party can see. If no message is supplied, all future messages sent in chat will send in party chat until the command is run again. Identical commands include /pchat. Unlockable once your party reaches level 1.

/party disband[edit]

Disband your party.

/party info[edit]

View information about the party you are in, including level progress and available features.

/party invite [Username][edit]

Invite a player to your party.

/party itemshare[edit]

Share items with your party. Contains many conditions that can be set, including equal distribution, sharing of loot, McMMO levels, and more (verify details). Unlocked when the party reaches level 8.

/party join [PartyName] [Password][edit]

Join a party. If the party is password-protected, you will need to additionally supply the correct password to join.

/party kick [Username][edit]

Kick someone from your party.

/party lock[edit]

Lock the party so that nobody else can join (verify).

/party owner [Username][edit]

Set a user in the party to be the party leader. Can only be used by the current leader of the party, which defaults to the creator.

/party password [Password][edit]

Set a password for joining the party. If no password is provided, the password is automatically cleared (which has the identical commands of /party clear and /party reset).

/party quit[edit]

Leave a party. If you are the sole member of a party, the party will automatically disband.

/party rename [PartyName][edit]

Rename the party.

/party teleport commands[edit]

Note: Unlocked when the party reaches level 2.

/party teleport [Username][edit]

Teleport to a user within the party.

/party teleport accept[edit]

Accept a teleport request from a member of your party.

/party teleport acceptall[edit]

Accept all current teleport requests from members of your party.

/party teleport acceptany[edit]

Toggle automatically accepting any teleport requests members of your party may send to you.

/party teleport toggle[edit]

Toggle the party teleport feature on or off for the party. Only usable for the current party owner (verify).

/party unlock[edit]

Unlock the party so that other users are able to join.

/party XPshare commands[edit]

Note: Unlocked when the party reaches level 10.

/party xpshare equal[edit]

Distribute all XP gained by party members equally across all members of the party. Only usable for the party owner

/party xpshare none[edit]

Turn off XP sharing for the party. Only usable for the party owner.

/pwarp commands[edit]


Brings up the UI for player-owned warps.

/pwarp [WarpName][edit]

Can be used to directly teleport to a warp instead of manually finding them in the UI. Find a list of player-owned warps here.

/pwarp about[edit]

Provides information about the plugin.

/pwarp amount[edit]

Tells you the number of pwarps you are eligible to create and how many you have remaining.

/pwarp category[edit]

/pwarp category list [WarpName][edit]

Shows which category your pwarp is listed in on the UI.

/pwarp category remove [WarpName] [Category][edit]

Removes your pwarp from the specified category.

/pwarp category set [WarpName] [Category][edit]

Adds your pwarp to the specified category.

/pwarp cost set [WarpName] [Cost][edit]

Sets the cost for players to teleport to your pwarp. Remove a cost with /pwarp cost remove [WarpName].

/pwarp desc set [WarpName] [Text][edit]

Sets a description for your pwarp on the UI. Remove a description with /pwarp desc remove [WarpName].

/pwarp favourite [WarpName][edit]

Adds a pwarp to your favourites list in the UI (under Bookmarked Warps).

/pwarp help[edit]

Provides a list of /pwarp commands.

/pwarp icon set [WarpName][edit]

Changes the icon for a pwarp as it appears in the UI to the item held in your main hand. Remove an icon with /pwarp icon remove [WarpName].

/pwarp remove [WarpName][edit]

Removes the warp permanently. You will not be reimbursed.

/pwarp rename [WarpName] [NewWarpName][edit]

Changes the current name of your pwarp.

/pwarp reset [WarpName][edit]

Resets the location of the pwarp to where you are standing.

/pwarp set [WarpName][edit]

Sets a pwarp in your current location. Pwarps cost ₲50,000 each. The number of pwarps you can create is dependent on rank:

Pebble: 1
Quartz: 1
Amethyst: 2
Sapphire: 3
Emerald: 4
Topaz: 5
Iridium: 7
Prism: 10

/pwarp setowner [WarpName] [PlayerName][edit]

Transfers ownership of your pwarp to another player.

Reporting and Punishments[edit]

/block [Username][edit]

Block seeing a user's messages in chat. Identical commands include /ignore. Run the command again to unblock the user. To see a list of players you have blocked, run /ignorelist.

/helpop [Message][edit]

Pings all staff in survival Discord channel with your message. Only to be used in emergencies, such as a troll spamming the chat or hacking. For other queries or non-time-sensitive situations, use the general support channel in Discord.


List your active warnings given by staff. Identical commands include /lwarnings, /warnings, /warnlist and /warninglist.

/shop commands[edit]

Note: All /shop commands are also functional using the keywords /shops, /quickshop, /qs, /qshop, /qsshop, /chestshop, and /cshop.

/shop about[edit]

Provides information about the plugin.

/shop amount [Amount][edit]

Sets the amount of an item you can buy or sell in bulk per single sale or purchase from the targeted shop.

/shop buy[edit]

Sets the targeted shop to buy mode.

/shop create [Price][edit]

Creates a shop from the targeted container for the item held in main hand.
Note: Automatically sets the amount that is held in main hand.

/shop fetchmessage[edit]

Shows unread shop messages.
Note: Purchases and sales from the shop will show in chat automatically when online, and purchases and sales made while offline will appear in chat when logging into the server for the first time afterwards.

/shop find [Item][edit]

Searches for an item being sold or bought in a shop within a radius of 50 blocks.
Note: Due to the radius, does not cover each market block in full. May need to be used several times at various locations to fully search a market block for an item.

/shop help[edit]

Provides a list of all parent shop commands.

/shop item[edit]

Sets the item of the targeted shop to the item held in main hand.
Note: Automatically sets the amount that is held in main hand.

/shop price[edit]

Sets the buy or sell price of the targeted shop.
Note: The maximum price you can set is ₲25,000.

/shop remove[edit]

Removes all shop abilities from the targeted container.
Note: This command needs to be executed to break the container of the targeted shop.

/shop sell[edit]

Sets the targeted shop to sell mode.

/shop staff commands[edit]

/shop staff add [PlayerName][edit]

Adds the desired player to the staff list for the targeted shop.

/shop staff clear[edit]

Removes all current staff from the targeted shop.

/shop staff del [PlayerName][edit]

Removes the desired player from the staff list for the targeted shop.

/shop staff list[edit]

Lists all current staff of the targeted shop.
Note: The shop owner/creator is not automatically considered staff, and will not appear on the list unless added with the appropriate command.
The shop owner/creator will still have full access to the targeted shop when removed from the staff list.

/shop size [Amount][edit]

Sets the amount of an item you can buy or sell in bulk per single sale or purchase from the targeted shop.

/shop toggledisplay[edit]

Toggles the display of the item of the targeted shop on or off.

Workstation commands[edit]

Available for Quartz+. These commands bring up the UI of specific workstations without the need to interact with the physical workbench. These include:

/cartographytable (Identical commands include /carttable, /ecartographytable, /ecarttable)
/craft (Identical commands include /wb, /wbench, /workbench, /ecraft, /ewb, /ewbench, /eworkbench). Additionally available for players at level 20.
/enderchest (Identical commands include /ec, /echest, /endersee, /eenderchest, /eec, /eechest, /endersee). Additionally available for players at level 30.
/grindstone (Identical commands include /egrindstone)
/loom (Identical commands include /eloom)
/smithingtable (Identical commands include /smithtable, /esmithing table, /esmithtable)
/stonecutter (Identical commands include /stonecutter

/vote commands[edit]

Note: All /vote commands are also functional using the keyword /v.

/vote? [PageNumber][edit]

View all vote commands.
/votehelp has an identical function.


When used, it pulls up three links to voting sites to vote for a maximum of four times a day; once on two sites, and twice on one.

When you vote at least three times in one day (once for each site), you get a Crate key depending on Tier of voting. Each tier lasts 7 days.
Tier 1: ₲100 (increases by ₲25 daily)
Tier 2: Gem key and ₲300 daily
Tier 3: Crystal key and ₲400 daily
Tier 4: Rank Bundle key and ₲500 daily
Tier 5: Money Bundle key daily
Tier 6: Paragon key daily

After passing tier 6, you will be rewarded with one gem crate key per day for voting on all three sites.

The sites that you can vote on are: PlanetMinecraft (once a day), Minecraft Servers List (twice a day), and Minecraft MP (once a day).
/voteall, /votelist and /voteurl all have identical functions to this.


Opens the GUI for most vote commands.


Shows how long ago you voted on all three sites.


Shows how long until you can vote on all three sites.
Note: Does not accurately show the refresh timers on the websites themselves, but are general timers set by the server.


When used, it will pull up a menu showing you what items can be bought using points earned from voting on the sites using /vote.

So far, the items include the following:
- ₲100 for 1 Point
- 1 Diamond, 1 Lead, and 1 Name Tag for 2 Points each
- 1 Gem Crate Key and 64 Bottles O' Enchanting for 3 Point each
- 16 Flight Rockets and 1 End Crystal for 4 Points each
- 3 Sponges for 5 Points
- 32 Phantom Membrane for 6 Points
- 32 Light Blocks (Light Level 15) and 8 Budding Amethyst Blocks for 8 Points each
- 30 Minute Job Boost for 10 Points
- 1 Wither Skull for 12 Points
- 1 Crystal Crate Key for 15 Points
- 1 Bundle, 1 Set of Unenchanted Elytra, and 1 Dragon Head for 20 Points each
- 1 Paragon Crate Key for 30 Points
- 1 Music Disc (otherside) for 40 Points
1 Music Disc (Pigstep) and 1 Unenchanted Trident for 50 Points each
- 1 Empty Spawner for 60 Points
- 1 Dragon Egg for 350 Points


Shows your current and highest daily, weekly and monthly vote streaks.


Shows a list of vote times by players from the time of the server restart.


Shows the top monthly voters.


Shows your top daily, weekly, monthly and all time votes.

X-tra commands (Commands that do not fit any category)[edit]


Available for Quartz+. Sets your status as afk. Rank players who have been afk for more than 30 minutes will be returned to the hub. Identical commands include /away.


Allows one to see their current balance, accurate to the cent. Identical commands include /bal.

/balancetop [PageNumber][edit]

Allows one to view everyone's balance from richest to poorest. Identical commands include /baltop and /money.


Available at level 5. Launches an explosive bee the direction the player is facing. Bee does not do any actual damage. Identical commands include /beecannon.


Opens a GUI for buying ranks, bundles and boosts from the IRL Prism Party Shop page.


Opens the UI for crafting special items specific to Prism Party, as well as repairing items that you would usually not be able to.


Allows one to access the Discord server. Identical commands include /discordsvr.

/donorchat [Message][edit]

Available for Quartz+. Toggles your messages to send in a chat only visible by donors and staff. If the command is run without a message, all future messages sent by you will be sent in the donor chat unless the command is run again, as opposed to the single message sending in donor chat.


Opens a confirmation UI in which you can agree or disagree to reset your hunger bar for ₲500. Identical commands include /feed.


Pulls up the UI demonstrating the structure needed to build elevators. The block formation shown needs to be put on each floor the elevator is intended to access, and must be on the same Y level.

f3 + G[edit]

Shows chunk borders.

/givepet [PlayerUser][edit]

Transfer a tamed animal to another player. When run, right click the pet to transfer, or left click to cancel.


Provides a UI linking to the most important commands and plugin information for the server.


Allows one to access the headdb menu. Only Sapphire+ can access this command indefinitely. Identical commands include /hdb and /heads.

Headdb time can be won via crates.

/hdb info[edit]

Provides information about the plugin.

/hdb search [Query][edit]

Search for a head with a specific name.

/helpop [Message][edit]

Pings your message to all staff in the survival channel in discord. Only to be used in emergency situations, such as trolls hacking or spamming the chat.


Returns you to the hub. Identical commands include /lobby.


Available at level 5. Launches an explosive kitty the direction the player is facing. Kitty does not do any actual damage.


View and claim the available kits for Pebble and your current paid rank. Operates on a cooldown. Identical commands include /kits.


View commands for invisible item frames. Available for Iridium+. Identical commands include /itf.

/itf help[edit]

View all useable /itf commands.

/itf toggle visibility[edit]

Change the visibility status on the item frame you are looking at.

/itf toggle glow [glow color][edit]

Change the glow status on the item frame you are looking at, with optional colors listed in the tab drop down list.

/itf scan [radius number][edit]

Spawns particles on any item frame in the specified radius. Useful for finding invisible item frames.

/itf togglemode (visibility/glow) [glow color][edit]

Toggles a persisting command in which any item frame right-clicked after running this command will adjust in the same way running the singular command whilst looking at an individual item frame would. Run the command again to disable toggle mode.


Lists all players currently online.


Allows one to access the dynamic map of the server. It gives oversight over the location of everyone, claims, and natural features.

/near [Amount][edit]

Allows one to see who is nearby in a specified number of blocks. Identical commands include /nearby.

/pay [PlayerUser] [Amount][edit]

Sends money from your account to that of the specified player.
Note: /pay * [Amount] allows you to pay the same amount of money to all online players. If you do not have enough money, as many players will be sent the amount as possible, and the remaining players will not. This is ordered based on the players in the tab list from the top down.


Allows one to see their current ping.

/playerskull [Username][edit]

Gives you the head of the specified player. Available for Sapphire+ for users' own heads only, and all users' heads for players of higher levels (verify). Identical commands include /skull.


View how long in total you have played on the server for. Converts total number of hours into months, days and hours.


View each paid rank and their perks as well as staff roles. Identical commands include /ranks and /staff.

/recipe [Item][edit]

Available for Quartz+ and players at level 5. View the crafting recipe for items. Identical commands include /formula and /recipes.

/realname [PlayerName][edit]

Allows one to see the real username of a player. PlayerName in this instance refers to the user's set nickname that shows in chat and the tab list.


Brings up a UI of the server's rules. Hover over each block to view the information.

/seen [username][edit]

View the amount of time since the specified player has last been online.

/server [Server][edit]

Allows one to switch to another Prism Party server. When used standalone, tells you what server you are currently on.


Brings up a UI of player-configurable settings, including PVP and KeepInv.

/toggle [Option][edit]

Identical stem commands include /tg. Toggle the following options on or off:

Chat: All chat messages.
Death: All death notifications.
PM: Private messages.

Use /toggle list to list what you currently have turned on or off.


Allows one to verify and connect their Discord account to their Minecraft account.


Allows one to visit the website.

Armor Stand Editor[edit]

Available for Prism rank in survival, and Topaz+ in creative.

Start Editing[edit]

Shift + right click the armor stand to enter editing mode.

Stop Editing[edit]

Punch anywhere that's not the armor stand to exit editing mode.

Open Properties GUI[edit]

Shift + right click twice the armor stand to open the armor stand properties meny.

The GUI of the armor stand editor.
The GUI of the armor stand editor.

Edit a Body Part[edit]

Shift + right click a specific body part to edit it, or shift + left click to cycle through the body parts.

Move Body Part[edit]

Once a body part is selected, use the mouse scroll wheel forward or backwards to move the body part. The direction edited is based on the direction you are looking.

  • Looking East or West affects x value
  • Looking North or South affects z value
  • Looking Up or Down affects y value

Change Edit Increment[edit]

Shift + scroll mouse wheel to change edit increment. This value adjusts how much you move a body part.

Rotate Armor Stand 45 Degrees[edit]

Hold piece of leather + left click to rotate clockwise, right click to rotate counter-clockwise.

Pro Mode Commands[edit]

Hold a stick + right click to enter pro mode. Pro mode allows body parts to be rotated without moving your cursor in your hotbar. Your cursor will always stay on the stick in your inventory.

Pro Mode - Toggle Glowing[edit]

Swap hands keybind (f by default). Glowing can be toggled in the Properties Menu but can be toggled quickly in Pro Mode.

Pro Mode - Open Properties Menu[edit]

Right click anywhere to open menu.

Events Server[edit]


Use this command while in the Events or Survival server.

PLEASE NOTE: Any rewards and keys given in the Events server must be placed in your Goodiebag in order to transfer them to the Survival server. Leaving the Events server will clear your inventory, so take care to transfer your items first.

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