Event:Dripleaf Spleef

Dripleaf Spleef is a custom Solo event on Prism Party.
Dripleaf Spleef
LocationWeekly event    on Events
Length<5 minutes
Custom resourcesOptional
Let's play Spleef on a Leaf! Be the last player standing on any of the platforms!
—Event description

Dripleaf Spleef is a solo event based on the classic Spleef minigame. In this spinoff, the arena floor is composed of dripleaves, meaning all players must stay in continuous motion to avoid falling. Instead of breaking blocks, all players are given an infinite supply of snowballs which can be thrown to collapse dripleaves away from the player.

At the start of the game, all non-spectating players will be sorted into 1 of 21 tubes. (If there are more than 21 players then a random assortment of 21 players will be selected to participate with another random 21 players chosen next round). From there players will dropped together onto a 30-block diameter circular platform of dripleaves. As dripleaves collapse after being stepped on, players must keep moving to avoid falling to the next platform. There are a total of 5 identical dripleaf platforms above a pit of lava.

The last player remaining on any of the platforms is the winner. The winning player will then be teleported to the reward area where they are able to choose from 6 available rewards. All other players are given rewards for participation.

Any prizes won after playing can be transferred to Vanilla or SkyBlock through the Goodiebag (/guide). This event does not feature lootable prize chests during the event; prizes are automatically given out after each round, instead. If a player wins twice in a row, the second place player will be allowed to choose an item from the prize wall instead.


An earthquake may trigger, causing rocks to fall from above. Rocks that fall onto dripleaves will cause them to collapse immediately, posing a significant threat to players near the top.
All players are given 3 "violent snowballs" in addition to their usual infinite snowball supply. When used, shotgun snowballs fire a volley of up to 10 snowballs in a cone away from the player, causing a large area of dripleaves to immediately collapse.
PvP mode
PvP is activated during the game. Players cannot take damage or die by others, but can receive knockback.
Resource shortage
Snowballs no longer infinitely replenish. After a player runs out of snowballs, that's it!


  1. Exercise good sportsmanship; don't be a sore loser.


  • Don't stress out if you fall! There are five platforms in total, giving you some leeway.
    • Platforms closer to the bottom are often less populated, giving you more time to strategize.
  • Avoid other players as much as possible. While cutting in front of others is a viable strategy, it carries risk.
  • Keep careful watch of where you're heading, especially if you're aiming to throw snowballs.
    • Additionally, make sure to throw your snowballs at the dripleaves in front of players and not at other players directly.
  • Snowballs can be thrown above you to knock down players on higher layers.


Place Price
🥇 First Choice of either: 1 Paragon key, Paragon shovel, Spawner, 10k Gems, Rift key, or Prismatic heart


Show game credits
  • Map made by BakiDance & Darksun15
  • Music: Treetop Twang by David J Franco
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