Frockey is a custom Team event on Prism Party.
LocationWeekly event    on Events
Length5 minutes
Custom resourcesRecommended
Winners1st 2nd
What do you get when you combine hockey, soccer, and a bunch of frogs?
—Event description

Frockey is a team cooperative event where the goal is to score as many points on the opposing team as possible. The event can be accessed by connecting to the Events server from the Hub, or by running /server events, on days when this game is active.

Once the event starts, all non-spectating players will be randomly assigned a team (Orange or Blue) and teleported to their locker room and given dyed uniforms and a Frockey Stick. From there, players should equip their team uniforms and walk towards the rink. Once all players are on the ice, a countdown will start that allows players to move towards the frog in the center of the rink.

As a player, your objective should be to whack the frog away from your goal and towards the opposing team's goal using your Frockey Stick. Any time a goal is made, the offending team will be given one point, and all players will be teleported back to their goal as a new frog spawns in the center. Each round of Frockey lasts for 5 minutes, as indicated by a timer bar at the top of the screen. As long as there is still time left, the game will continue after each goal; Don't waste time after a goal or lose focus!

If the game timer ends while both teams are tied, the game will go into overtime. During overtime, a new round will begin, and the first team to score a single point will be declared the winner. Otherwise, all teams will be teleported to the stadium to be given prizes and wait for the next game to start.

All players are allowed to traverse the rink freely, though you can choose to play offensively or defensively during the progression of the game. To aid movement, there are a total of 11 boost pads around the rink (4 near each goal, and 3 in the center). These boost pads periodically drop items that, when collected, give the player Speed V for 2 seconds.

Any prizes won after playing can be transferred to Survival or SkyBlock through the Goodiebag (/guide). This event does not feature lootable prize chests during the event; prizes are automatically given out after each round, instead.


Multifrog mode
Multiple frogs (dependent on the Event coordinator) will spawn in the rink. During this mode, a goal will not teleport teams back to their goals, allowing the game to continue unimpeded until time runs out.
PvP mode
PvP is activated during the game. Players cannot take damage or die, but can receive knockback from the opposing team. This mode is typically activated during the final minutes of the game.


  1. Exercise good sportsmanship; don't be a sore loser.
  2. Don't sabotage your own teammates.
  3. You must wear your team's uniform to play.


  • The frog often moves faster than players, even with speed boosts.
  • Don't leave your goal undefended if the frog is on your side or near center.
  • Sprint jumping while boosted from a boost pad is slower than just sprinting.
  • It takes about 2-3 hits to move the frog to or away from a goal.


This is a team based event. All players on a team, regardless of number of goals, are awarded the same.

Place Prize
🥇 First 1 Paragon key
🥈 Second 1 Crystal key


Show game credits
  • "1NF3$+@+!0N" was composed by DM DOKURO
  • SoFi Stadium was created by Bubbaflubba2
  • Some sounds are remixed from Rocket League®
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