Seasons is a World plugin on Survival.
ServerWorld plugin    on Survival
Main command/season
Sub commands4
RequirementsAny rank

Seasons is a World plugin used exclusively on Survival and is a core part of the server's custom terrain generation. Seasons, as the name implies, is responsible for adding realistic seasonal effects and mechanics to the game. As in real life, there are four primary seasons that this plugin adds: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each season introduces new gameplay mechanics and cosmetic effects to the world, ranging from simple biome recolors to mob spawning changes and new weather effects.

As part of the seasons mechanic, a detailed calendar system is introduced to the world. There are three full Gregorian months per season, each of which bring about gradual changes to the overworld; At the beginning of a new season, the associated effects are subtle, growing slowly in intensity as time progresses. This prevents abrupt changes in the world as time passes, keeping the illusion of smooth seasonal progression. Halfway into each season, the effects of that season are at their greatest. Some of the more prominent seasonal effects—such as flowering leaves or changes to mob spawning behaviors—may not apply until further into a particular season.

Every biome in Survival is affected by seasons in different ways in accordance to that biome's perceived climate. This means that arid biomes may appear more lush during cooler seasons, while temperate biomes experience more extreme variation between the four seasons. Some biomes may experience piling snow during winter or fall, while others only see rain during the colder months.

The current season can be seen within the tab list, alongside the amount of time remaining in the season and the current biome the player is in. The Seasons plugin is not impacted by player ranks and does not require any commands in order to use. However, some features of the Seasons plugin are customizable through the settings menu.

Seasonal effects



  • The worldmap and most minimap mods are not fully compatible with Seasons, and thus may display biome colors incorrectly in unloaded regions.
  • Seasons uses custom biomes to modify sky, water, and foliage colors for each season. Due to this, the debug overlay and most minimap mods will incorrectly display the actual biome players are in.

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