The Overworld

Overworld is a Habitable world on Prism Party.
LocationHabitable world    on Survival
/warp Survival
Custom typeAltered vanilla
EstablishedJune 20, 2024
(19 days ago)
Habitable Yes

The Overworld is the main playable world on Prism Party Survival and is where players are randomly teleported to after completing the Tutorial. The Overworld is the largest dimension on Prism Party and contains the greatest diversity in biome distribution, structure generation, and mob spawning between all of Survival's accessible dimensions. 12111250 The Overworld is 20,000 blocks in diameter and 384 blocks deep and uses custom terrain generation: Featuring 165 unique biomes and over 20 new structures in addition to the vanilla structure set, The Overworld is categorized as an Altered Vanilla world. While most generation is heavily modified from vanilla, it still attempts to maintain parity with an ordinary—or vanilla—Minecraft world. In other words, despite using custom generation, most expected vanilla features are still present within this world.

The difficulty of The Overworld is set to a Hard difficulty mode; while hostile mob mechanics and damages are consistent with the vanilla Hard difficulty, mob spawn rates are consistent with the Normal difficulty. This is primarily a balance decision, as players keep their inventories upon death and have access to plugin features such as flight, teleportation commands, and McMMO

A world is considered habitable if players are allowed to set homes, claim land, and build without restriction; The Overworld is the first habitable world players gain access to after joining the server for the first time and leaving Spawn. Upon leaving Spawn, new players are randomly teleported to a suitable location within The Overworld. Alternatively, players can run /tprandom every 30 seconds to teleport to a random location in order to find a more desired location to play in.

After finding a suitable place to build, players can create claims in The Overworld after reaching Level 1. Creating a claim allows players to protect their builds from grief and theft, and allows players an easy means of returning to their base via the /claimslist command. While griefing is not allowed on Prism Party, players are allowed to deconstruct and take items from unclaimed or expired-claimed structures. As such, players are advised to claim their structures as soon as feasible.

As the primary world, The Overworld has the longest active lifespan of all dimensions, at approximately two years per reset. Each reset of The Overworld is tied to the start a new Season in the Survival server. After each reset, the previous Survival Overworld is made available as a world download, and an archived copy of the world can be browsed within the Creative server.


Keep Inventory

Players keep their inventory contents upon death, unless toggled off in /settings.

No Insomnia

Night terrors, such as Phantoms, no longer spawn in correlation with players' unhealthy sleeping habits. Phantoms can still spawn in The End.

Leaf Decay

Due to the world containing custom trees, natural leaf decay is disabled. Leaves will automatically be destroyed when trees are felled using Treefeller.

Fire Spread

Fires will naturally spread and extinguish over time.

Snow Accumulation

Falling snow will form layers which gradually accumulate up to three layers in depth.

Explosion Regeneration

Natural explosions on the surface, such as those from Creepers, will gradually heal automatically.

Sleep Percentage

Only 30% of online players are required to sleep to skip the night. AFK players are not counted.

Flight Enabled

Creative flight from the Fly Store is enabled in this world for all players.


The Season 3 Overworld features overhauled terrain generation compared to the vanilla generation of the first two seasons. Over 20 new structures and 165 new season-compatible biomes have been added to the world, complete with unique climates, mob spawn rules, achievements, loot, terrain features, navigable rivers, and custom trees.



All Vanilla structures generate within The Overworld within their respective biomes. A list of all vanilla structures can be found here. In addition to the expected vanilla structure set, Prism Party hosts additional, custom, structures which can be found within The Overworld. These structures are provided by Dungeons and Taverns and include custom loot, villages, quests, and Advancements.


  • The current size of the world border—10,000m²—is expandable up to 25,000m².
    • Future expansions will likely occur following major updates.
  • Biome size has been increased by a factor of 2 compared to vanilla generation.
  • Some custom structures may float slightly due to conflicts with world generation.
  • There aren't any hidden secrets at: 8592/43/-4921.

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