Unstable Rift

Unstable Rift is a Resource world on Prism Party.
Unstable Rift.png
Unstable Rift
LocationResource world    on Survival
/warp riftportal
EstablishedJune 24, 2024
(11 days ago)
RestrictionsLevel 5
Habitable No

The Unstable Rift, or simply "The Rift", is a custom, hard-mode, resource world on Prism Party Survival. Unlike traditional resource worlds, the Unstable Rift is a custom dimension featuring new biomes, terrain generation, gameplay mechanics, dungeons, and loot. With custom generation, the Unstable Rift contains a large array of naturally occurring resources from all dimensions, abundant both above and below ground level.

The Unstable Rift uses a custom, hard-mode, difficulty; while hostile mob spawn rates and damages are consistent with Hard difficulty, natural health regeneration is disabled. In order to regenerate lost health, players must consume healing items, such as Golden Apples or potions. Furthermore, most plugin features are disabled while within the Rift. Notably, players are unable to use flight, items are lost upon death (regardless of player settings), PvP is always enabled, and teleportation commands and McMMO abilities are disabled. Players are advised to come prepared before traveling to the dimension, and not to bring overly valuable items.

The Unstable Rift is 4,000 blocks in diameter and 768 blocks deep. While a vast majority of resources can be collected from the surface, the Unstable Rift is also suitable for mining as all Overworld and Nether ores can be found beneath the surface. The Rift's underground is 4 times larger than that of the average Overworld depth, and features custom caves, biomes, and underground dungeons.

As a resource world, the Unstable Rift has scheduled weekly resets. Due to this, players are unable to create claims or set homes within the dimension. The locations of ores and unprotected dungeons change with each reset.


Unlike other dimensions on Prism Party, the Unstable Rift cannot be directly accessed via portals or warp commands. Accessing the Rift requires that the player is at least Level 5 and possesses a Corrupt Key, at which point the player may travel to the Rift Fissure at /warp RiftPortal.

The Rift Fissure is the Overworld portal leading to the Unstable Rift. By default, this portal is closed, barring entrance to the Unstable Rift. Players can open the Rift Fissure by trading in a Corrupt Key via a menu that appears once a player approaches the center of the Fissure. Once a player opens the portal, the Corrupt Key is used, and all players on the server are able to enter into the Unstable Rift.

Each Corrupt Key opens the Rift Fissure for an hour. While the fissure is opened, all players can enter and exit the Unstable Rift freely, without expending another key, until the Fissure closes. The time remaining until the fissure closes is displayed on a bossbar while within the Rift dimension. Once the fissure closes, players still inside the Unstable Rift can remain there indefinitely, provided they do not die or teleport out of the Rift. If a player leaves the Rift while the fissure is closed, another Corrupt Key is required in order to reopen the fissure for reentry.

Upon entering the Unstable Rift, the area within the circle of bedrock spires (or "nails") is protected. Everything past the spawn point is unprotected land with PvP enabled. Players will see a white "Unstable Rift" title appear onscreen upon leaving the protected spawn area.


Surface Biomes[edit]




  • Once a Rift Fissure is opened by a player, everyone online is able to access the Rift until the fissure closes.
    • Any players left in the Rift once the fissure closes can remain there as long as they don't teleport out or die.
  • Copper immediately oxidizes to the next stage when placed within the Rift.
  • Player names and skins are not shown in the Rift, obscuring identities.
  • Staff are unable to perform rollbacks within the Rift.
  • Due to the dimension's increased world height, some low-end machines may experience poor performance within the Rift.


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