2024 Reset News

Some new information about the upcoming reset!
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Feb 9, 2024

2024 Reset News


Reset forms

Last month we conducted two polls in order to collect player feedback regarding a potential reset of the Survival server. The number of responses to these polls was incredible, far exceeding our expectations: You all gave a number of thoughtful suggestions, ideas, and feedback that we're ready to review. As we work on our updates for the Survival server, let's dive into what you can expect for our anticipated 2024 reset, as well as when to expect it! We have a bunch of highly-requested updates in the works, and as always, we're excited to hear your feedback!

User responses

On the topic of user feedback, we'd like to review the responses collected on our latest poll. A 60% majority voted in favor of a full reset on Survival, meaning one is currently planned for the near future. (read on for more info). With a full reset, we're promising a laundry list of new features, based on community votes. Let's go over all of them!

Item transfers

92% of respondents voted in favor of item transfers. With these, we'll allow players the chance to transfer up to 9 items from the current world into the new one. In order to keep the new server from becoming unbalanced right away, we're limiting the number of items players can transfer to just 9, but we'll make an exception for sentimental items and pets. (We'll have more details in the future, so stay tuned!)

Levels and Levels

88% of respondents voted in favor of a "prestige" system for levels, and 99% voted in favor of adding additional levels (up to 100). Eventually, we plan on implementing both of these changes, but for the sake of simplicity, we're initially focusing our efforts on the prestige system and a general leveling re-balance.

Economy changes

70% of players voted in favor of re-balancing the weekly tax system to be easier on those trying to reach higher levels. With our leveling rework, we are unlikely to make any changes to the weekly tax system at this time. On the other hand, 100% of players voted in favor of re-balancing Jobs and adding new quests, meaning we'll focus our efforts here.

Terrain generation

93% of players voted in favor of using a datapack/mod to modify terrain generation and add extra biomes to the new world, while 96% of players voted in favor of the same for the Unstable Rift, as well as making it easier to access. We are in the process of implementing both of these changes now!

Flight changes

56% of players voted in favor of removing the unrestricted flight perk from the Sapphire rank, with a 20% minority voting to remove flight as a server feature altogether. As we intend on keeping flight as a feature, we are likely to remove unrestricted flight as a donor perk following the reset. We are in the process of finding a suitable (cosmetic) replacement for unrestricted flight for the Sapphire rank.

Voting improvements

96% of players voted in favor of expanding our current vote streak rewards, and adding additional days beyond 45. A full rework for the voting system is currently underway, with new streak rewards, additional monthly voter rewards, and more randomized prizes to keep things interesting. Additionally, a vote party pinata has been added to reward all online players once a certain number of votes has been met, as voted on by 77% of respondents.

Old world

As always, we intend on making the old world available for download once the reset has been finalized. However, we understand that not all players have the hard drive space to download the 70GB world file, and so we plan on importing the current Survival world onto the Creative server once it is retired, as voted for by 91% of players. Once completed, the Survival Archive world will be available on Creative via /warp Survival, replacing the current Freebuild world. All players will be able to access the archive world, but build access to this world will be revoked, and some features (such as old warps, shops, and claims) will be disabled.

We have many, many, more updates in mind for this reset. We're not ready to announce everything right away, yet! Stay tuned!

Paragon server

We've been posting a lot about the Paragon world lately, and there's a reason for that! Aside from all the work that has gone into the Paragon survival world (thanks, @Darksun15!), we've also been hard at work planning and implementing new features exclusive to our Paragon update. With that, we have important news regarding this future update. While we originally intended for Paragon to release as a bonus world for players who reached level 25, this will not be the case following the Survival reset. Instead, Paragon will be releasing as its own stand-alone, fully-featured, survival server once it's ready. After its release, Paragon is slated to become Prism Party's primary survival server, with the current survival server being retained for a more vanilla-focused experience. We're not ready to dive into all the details regarding the eventual Paragon server at this time, but we've made significant progress towards making it the largest update Prism Party has seen to date. We're extremely excited to share more regarding Paragon in the future!

Paragon will release when it's ready! It's not slated for release during the reset. Stay tuned!

Temporary server

As we did with our first reset, Prism Party will open up a temporary survival server once the reset officially begins. Like last time, this server will be a vanilla-adjacent server with experimental features. While this server will only exist for a couple weeks while the update is in progress, we're committed to making the gameplay experience of this temporary world as exciting and fresh as possible, as a prelude to the new update. Our last temporary server, Caves and Cliffs, was a community-oriented server featuring limited plugins and an experimental terrain generation datapack. Like before, the upcoming temporary server will use experimental features, and continue with a community-oriented focus. We'll be releasing more information on this temporary mode soon, so be on the lookout for future announcements.

Reset timeline

Foremost, this announcement only serves as an alert that a reset will occur sometime in the future and to give players an early heads-up for what to expect. We do not currently have a set date in mind for the actual reset. We're hoping to have a majority of the work required for the reset finished in the following month. After which, we'll officially announce the reset date and begin to allow players to save their selected 9 items in preparation for the reset. Until then, everything on the server will continue to run as normal. This means that players with active projects still have a reasonable amount of time to complete them and prepare for the new world. Following this announcement, a new channel will be created under the News & Info section detailing the progress until the new reset. While we cannot offer an exact date at this time, we hope this channel will allow players to gauge our progress until a proper date can be given.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you all for reading, and for giving your feedback! Remember, this announcement only serves as a notice that a full reset is planned; Survival in its current state will continue to exist for some time until the update is ready! As excited as we are for this update, we want to remain open to your feedback regarding the reset and the server's future. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback regarding anything in this announcement, please let us know in ⁠server-chat! Please remain on the lookout for future announcements regarding the update. Until then, have a fantastic weekend, and thank you for being a part of our community!

With love, Prism Party.

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