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Season 3 begins July 5th!
Join us in-game for the grand opening party, exclusive rewards, and community events!






Latest blog post
July, 5, 2024

Season 3 is here!


After working together for the first time since their meeting, Cubey and cubEOL have joined forces to create a new world and avoid catastrophe

Hey, everyone! The moment you've been waiting for is finally here! Come join us in-game, and in ⁠📣General for the grand opening of Season 3!

In 30 minutes' time we'll be opening the doors to the new season. But, before then, we have plenty of updates to cover: This is the single-largest Prism Party update to date, and we want to make sure everyone is caught-up with the major changes.

So, what's new?

As with any large update, we've made some huge changes to the Network. We've done our best to summarize these changes so that players can jump right into the new world, but you may still wish to review the full changelog below for a detailed list of modifications.

Boosted Flight

Following a previously held donor poll, the donor perk that allowed Sapphire rank and higher to claim unlimited flight from the Flight Store has been removed. All players, regardless of rank, can still purchase flight from the Flight Store at an equal rate.

Spawn World

Unlike previous seasons, /spawn is now its own dimension rather than a single location in the Overworld. This new spawn area will persist between seasons and can be infinitely expanded upon with different "regions". The origin point of the Overworld is now a community island built by players, similar to how previous temporary survival servers have operated.

And more...! View the full changelog:

Added /vote milestones, one-time rewards given to players for reaching certain vote totals.
The top three monthly voters are now rewarded based on their position by the end of each month.
Vote streaks have been reworked and now go beyond 42 days. During a streak, players may receive random items from a pool depending on their current tier.
Vote parties have been added, spawning a new piñata mob once 3,000 monthly votes are met. All online players can earn prizes by attacking the piñata.
Locked doors will now automatically close after 3 seconds if toggled using /autoclose.
The Unstable Rift is now much deeper than before, down to depths of -256 blocks.
New biomes have been added to the Rift, featuring additional resources and new vegetation.
Once the Rift Fissure has been opened by a player, it will remain opened for all players until the timer ends.
Secret loot dungeons have been added to the Rift, allowing players to obtain high-level loot.
Copper placed in the Rift will immediately oxidize to the next level.
The End is now twice as large, has an increased build height, and contains custom biomes.
Players no longer need to wait 3 seconds before teleporting (including Player Warps!).
50+ New trivia questions have been added to Chat Games.
A new category—Challenges—has been added to Chat Games. Completing challenges will reward players with more Gems, and possibly crate keys, depending on difficulty.
The Advancements menu has been added, allowing players to collect prizes for completing in-game advancements.
Prism Party has a new logo, created by HoodieBlue.
The overworld is now features custom terrain generation, with over 165 new biomes to explore.
The overworld is now larger overall, up to a maximum of 25,000 blocks in all directions (to be expanded progressively, starting at 10,000).
Overworld biomes now generate twice as large as default.
New structures have been added to the overworld generation. Players may now come across new "tavern" structures, among others.
Chest auto-sorting has been re-added to Survival.
Players can now run campaigns and vote for others to become "mayor" of Survival each month. The current mayor can influence staff to update specific areas of the server or add new features.
Prism now has better compatibility with most mini-map mods. Such mods should no longer require you to confirm each world upon connecting to a new server.
The Ender Dragon now drops Elytra on death.
Bat spawns have been re-enabled.
Proximity chat groups now work across servers, meaning you can chat with people within your group even if you're playing on different gamemodes.
Starting at Sapphire rank, players can now create custom Hologram (text displays)—complete with animations and configurable effects—for use in their claimed builds. The amount of holograms a player is allowed to create scales with their rank.
Damage indicators have been added. (Experimental)
The lobby used within the Hub has changed for Season 3.
The Discord NPC in the Hub now displays additional guild information and account linking status.
The server will now automatically notify players once their held tool is low durability. This can be toggled off in /settings.
The random-teleport cooldown has been reduced to 30 seconds.
Auction messages are now clearer and display more information to users.
Time no longer passes on the server when no players are online (experimental).
Survival's spawn is no longer part of the main world, and is instead a dedicated instance-world.
Server Dynmap renders are now a much higher quality than before.
The lava oceans in the Rift have been replaced with toxic water. Players will need water breathing potions to avoid damage from water and rain.
The Rift now regularly resets weekly.
Chests and claims will expire after 120 days of inactivity. Expired claims are now allowed to be demolished, or taken from, without prior staff permission.
Prism Party's block-locking plugin has changed. Overall functionality is the same, but some command names have changed.
Ignited bedrock, crying obsidian, sculk, lapis ore, and blue ice will now create soul fire.
Crates and Kits now display the relative chance of winning individual items.
Due to world pre-generation, new blocks and dungeons introduced in future updates will be available within the Unstable Rift, adding extra incentive to travel.
The old Survival overworld from Season 2 is now available as an archive in the Creative server.
Music in the Hub no longer plays upon joining the server or getting kicked, and now only plays for players who are wandering or waiting.
Prism now uses Plasmo Voice instead of Simple Voice Chat for proximity chat. Players will need to switch mods in order to use proximity chat features on Prism Party.
Removed worldmap for the Unstable Rift. (CUBEOL demands privacy...)
The Nether no longer has an official hub or warp. Players must now build portals to access the dimension.
Boosted flight perk has been removed from Sapphire+ (popular vote result). All players retain equal access to the existing /fly store.
The Creative Freebuild world for Sapphire rank and higher has been removed.

Removed ArmorStandAdjustor due to low usage. Plugin may return if there's demand for it!

Hey, something's missing!

We're aware that some features—such as Spawn Shops & Homes and the Unstable Rift—are missing, despite being mentioned in this post. Don't worry: This isn't an oversight or an incomplete update. We're purposefully delaying some features to release later to prevent the gameplay from becoming unbalanced right away, to test new features in upcoming versions, and to give the Staff team a break.

As was the case in Season 2, all of these features will be released as separate updates following the launch of Season 3.

Elections soon!

Following the launch of Season 3, we're excited to test a new method of collecting player feedback. Soon players will be able to run in server-wide elections and vote for a Mayor of Spawnia to represent them (for a month, or so...). As a Mayor, players can choose a planned update from a list for Staff to fast-track and deliver before the end of the Mayor's term. Mayors can also collect votes from players to change, remove, or improve upon existing features.

Players running for office will be able to set-up a campaign on the Prism Party website.

Future resets

Since 2019, Prism Party has gone through two Survival resets, with each world lasting for about two years before being retired. In the past, these resets would happen only once a majority of players voted for one to occur. As we've learned, this manner of resetting is unpredictable and leads to confusion in the interim.

From now on, resets will occur at regular intervals (still about two years) and players will be able to track the time until the next reset in-game at a special /warp. We hope this will remove the ambiguity surrounding resets and make the process more transparent for everyone. Furthermore, adopting a more season-oriented approach will also allow us to plan and deliver future updates at a quicker pace than before.

I found a bug!

As careful as we are to prevent them, sometimes bugs may slip past us. If you notice a bug, please create a report ticket via the #general-support channel. Tickets are the best way to report issues on the server; please avoid DMing Staff concerning server issues unless you feel immediate action is required.

We're happy you're here to celebrate with us!

That's all for this announcement! We can't wait to see everyone online for the transfer. Please be sure to join our Discord server for the latest news and information!

With love, Prism Party.

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Recent updates
Change Date Details
Apr. 14
The new season 3 world has been selected, with seasons enabled! The new spawn is being built. Once finished, Season 3 survival will open.
Apr. 14
The Advancements menu is finished.
Mar. 15
The Advancements menu is almost finished; players will be able to earn in-game rewards for completing vanilla (and custom) advancements.
Mar. 15
Voting rewards have been finished. A new Vote Party feature has been added, and there are new streak rewards past 45 days.
Mar. 15
The new survival world seed has been found. Spawn is being built! The End is now twice as large as the previous world.
Mar. 15
Added new 9 new trivia to Chat Games. Enabled a new Quests game to the Chat Games repertoire.
Feb. 17
New dungeons have been added to the Rift, including custom ocean monuments.
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Server information
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1.20-1.21 Java/Bedrock
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