Amethyst Gallery

Amethyst Gallery is a Public project in the Survival Overworld.
Amethyst Gallery Entrance.png
Amethyst Gallery
LocationOverworld    on Survival
Coordinates7067, -1875, 134
Player warp
/pwarp Amethyst_Gallery
EstablishedApril 2023
Member(s)S33R_OF_PYR3, + many material or item donators (donator list viewable in gallery)

‘Mysteries ought to be simple. Remember Poe’s Purloined letter, remember Zangwill’s locked room.’

‘Or complex,’ replied Dunraven. ‘Remember the universe.’

- Library of Babel, Theories

The Amethyst Gallery was created to showcase Prism Party's many unique items, infinitely expansive to accommodate each new server event. The space features all items from the various rank kits, the custom crafting armor and tool sets, and unique crate items from seasonal and weekly events.

Adorning the walls are pixel art recreations of historical art pieces or custom pixel art designs. Hanging from the banisters are various pride flags representing the people who make up the server's community.

At the very center of the gallery, a large skeletal recreation of the enderdragon points towards a 3D painting of the gallery's creator, Seer of Pyre. The rib cage of the skeleton holds the new server's original dragon egg, claimed from the first fight at the beginning of the new server's opening.

The Amethyst Gallery accepts donated non-vanilla items from new events or unusual interventions from the server's staff or Cube entities. The entrance to the gallery explains where to donate, and what packs to use to optimize your viewing experience. We hope you come and experience all that Prism has had to offer.

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