Dream Library

Darksun's Dream Library is a Public project in the Survival Overworld.
Darksun's Dream Library
LocationOverworld    on Survival
Coordinates5,420 2,480
Player warp
/pwarp Dream-Library
CompletedMarch 2023
A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.
—J.R.R. Tolkien

Dreams can be many things. They can act as a window to our deepest unconscious desires, a mirror that will confront us with our darkest fears or just as a whimsical, strange deep dive into our subconscious mind.

Whether or not we realize it, our mind creates new fantastic worlds and experiences every time we lay to sleep, while most of the time we cant even remember them!

The “Dream Library” is a place to where we try to chronicle those dreams that you, for whatever reason, did remember. So, if you wish to share a dream, (or multiple dreams) that is still floating around in the forefront of your conscious being, do not hesitate to share it with the rest of the server at /pwarp DreamLibrary! Just note it down in whatever form, length and style you prefer and leave it in our SUBMISSIONS Box in front of the Library. Otherwise you can send your dreams directly to Darksun15 (Discord: Bandei#6792).

All kinds of dreams, be they funny, strange, dark, horrifying or something else entirely, are welcome.

All SUBMISSIONS must be kept pg13!

If you just wish to read up on the dreams other players have shared, you are, of course, equally welcome to do just that as well.


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