Minedown is a custom Solo event on Prism Party.
LocationWeekly event    on Events
Length<5 minutes
Custom resourcesOptional
Be the first player to reach the bottom by mining, digging, and chopping blocks in the correct order!
—Event description

Minedown is a solo event where the player must traverse a tube full of a variety of blocks that can be broken with either a pickaxe, axe, or shovel.

At the start of the game, all non-spectating players will be sorted into 1 of 15 tubes. (If there are more than 15 players then a random assortment of 15 players will be selected to participate with another random 15 players chosen next round). From there players will be given a pickaxe, axe, and shovel as their tools. Once all players are in their tubes and are given the right tools the game will begin!

When a player reaches the bottom of the tube, that player will be teleported to the reward area where they are able to choose from 6 available rewards.

Any prizes won after playing can be transferred to Survival or SkyBlock through the Goodiebag (/guide). This event does feature lootable prize chests during the event, though the winner is able to recieve additional prizes after each round. If a player wins more than once, the next player (second place) will be allowed to choose an item from the prize wall.


  1. Exercise good sportsmanship; don't be a sore loser.


  • Have your fingers on the 1, 2, and 3 keys for maximum efficiency.
  • Don't break the shulker boxes or else they wont drop the prizes inside.


Place Price
🥇 First Choice of either: 1 Paragon key, Elytra, Spawner, Housing deed, Rift key, or Prismatic heart


Show game credits
  • Map made by BakiDance
  • Music: Chiptune by David J Franco
  • Event page made by Aj
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