Skybattle is a custom Team PvP event on Prism Party.
LocationWeekly event    on Events
Length<30 minutes
Custom resourcesOptional
Winners1st 2nd 3rd
Be the last team standing in the battle for the sky!
—Event description

Skybattle is a team PvP event where the goal is to be the last team remaining. The event can be accessed by connecting to the Events server from the Hub, or by running /server events, on days when this game is active.

Once the event starts, all non-spectating players will be randomly assigned a team (Red, Green, Blue or Yellow) and teleported to their starting tower. From then on, players must gather blocks and resources from their starting towers to branch out to other nearby towers, collecting loot to craft weapons and tools to defeat the other teams.

There are a total of 15 towers in the playable area of Skybattle. With the exception of the Central tower, each tower is an identical clone of the others. Falling off of the towers (or passing the death-zone marked with red particles) will result in the death of the player. After a player dies, they will be entered into spectator mode; there is no respawning during rounds. Don't fall off or get killed!

Any prizes won after playing can be transferred to Survival or SkyBlock through the Goodiebag (/guide). This event does not feature lootable prize chests during the event; prizes are given out after each round, instead.


Tower Description Contains
Starting tower The starting tower for all teams. This apartment building is colored the same as your team, and serves as a home base and heal-zone. Starting resources
Luxury apartments This green complex is the only reliable source of wood and food. Wood, Chickens, Shields, String (cobweb)
Prism tower This high-rise contains heft amounts of iron and gravel, useful for making explosives. Iron, Gravel, Fireballs, Gunpowder
Central The only unique tower, located at the center of the map. This tower contains high-powered gear. Enderpearls, Fireballs, Enchanting, Lapis, Golden apples, Potions


  1. Exercise good sportsmanship; don't be a sore loser.
  2. Don't use spectator mode to give unfair advantages to players in the event.
  3. Don't sabotage your own teammates.


  • Prioritize reaching the Central tower before other players; this tower contains loot which may greatly impact the play of the game.
  • All towers reachable by players have vents that contain beneficial items. Look out for dispensers with rails on top for these items!
  • Be sure to craft better armor for yourself and your team.
  • After 10 minutes of playing, a deathmatch timer will start. During deathmatch, Ender Dragons will spawn, destroying towers and knocking you around.
  • TNT and Fireballs can be used to blow up other players and their bridges.
  • The height-limit for Skybattle is y=130.
  • Use the resources from the luxury apartments to craft bows and arrows from string and features.


This is a team based event. All players on a team, regardless of if they died before the round ended, are awarded the same.

Place Prize
🥇 First 1 Paragon key
🥈 Second 1 Crystal key
🥉 Third 1 Gem key


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