Event:Warden: Isolation

Warden: Isolation is a custom Solo PvP event on Prism Party.
Warden: Isolation
LocationWeekly event    on Events
Length>10 minutes
Custom resourcesNone
Winners1st 2nd 3rd
Survive as long as you can on the decrepit scavenger ship: Anesidora.
—Event description

Warden: Isolation is a solo last-man-standing event where the goal is to be the last player alive, while collecting as much loot as possible. The event can be accessed by connecting to the Events server from the Hub, or by running /server events, on days when this game is active.

Once the event starts, all non-spectating players will be teleported onboard the Anesidora and given tools.From then on, the game becomes a hunt for treasure, while avoiding Wardens that periodically spawn at random points in the map.

Any loot collected while playing can be transferred to Survival or SkyBlock through the Goodiebag (/guide). Bonus awards are given out to the final three survivors based on order of longest survival. This event does not typically reward players prizes for participation; prizes are not guaranteed.


  1. Exercise good sportsmanship; don't be a sore loser.
  2. Don't use spectator mode to give unfair advantages to players in the event.


  • Use distractions on the ship to your advantage.
  • PvP will activate once most players are dead. (Typically when around 8 players remain.)
  • Sabotage isn't required, but is often beneficial; other players are not necessarily your allies.
  • Avoid detection: Losing a Warden's focus is difficult.
  • Avoid large groups of players and move slowly.
  • Chests contain treasures, but attract attention from nearby Wardens. Try activating alarms before opening chests.
  • You can crawl into vents to access other areas of the ship, but vents are often poor hiding places long-term.
  • Wardens can detect you even in areas where they cannot ordinarily reach.
  • Wardens can't see, but they can smell you if you get too close.
  • Your motion tracker acts as weak armor when held. This won't save you from a Warden's attack, but it will prolong your life.
  • Throw metal scrap as a last-ditch distraction, or to keep Warden's away from your location or draw them near others.
  • Look out for Dispenser blocks on the ground; these are often Warden spawn points.
  • Thrown Metal Scraps deal a heart of damage to other players.


Place Prize
🥇 First 1 Paragon key
🥈 Second 2 Crystal keys
🥉 Third 3 Gem keys
🎖️ Everyone All players keep their collected items from rounds


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