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Proximity Chat is a supported client mod that allows you to communicate with others, through voice, in-game without relying on third-party software. With Proximity Chat enabled, you will be able to hear others around you (within a certain range) and form groups with others. The mod contains a detailed in-game menu (by default, accessible by pressing 'v') that allows you to configure audio and microphone settings.

Please be sure to follow all server rules while using Proximity Chat. Furthermore, you must be at least level one before you're able to speak on the server. While Prism Party strives to be as safe as possible, please be aware that Prism Party staff are not able to monitor Proximity Chat in real-time. Please exercise caution and use good judgement when engaging with other players online.

Installation instructions


  1. Close all Minecraft instances and obtain all the necessary files: Fabric launcher, Simple Voice Chat,and Fabric API Mod
  2. Once downloaded, double-click the fabric-installer-x.x.x.exe file, and install the launcher client. Make sure "Create profile" is selected.
  3. Navigate to your .minecraft folder, and double-click the mods folder. If it is not there, create it. Drag-and-drop fabric-api-x.x.x+1.2x.jar and voicechat-fabric-1.2x.x-x.x.x.jar into this folder.
  4. Open your Minecraft launcher. Ensure the fabric-loader-1.2x profile is selected, and launch the game. If it worked, you will see "Fabric" appear in the bottom left of the main menu screen.
  5. Once in-game, you can press the v key to open the voice chat settings panel. Select your microphone by clicking the bottom left button.

If your mod is successfully installed, you will see an indicator in the bottom left of your screen when connected to Prism Party.

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