Jobs is a Economy plugin on Survival.
ServerEconomy plugin    on Survival
Main command/jobs
Sub commands14
RequirementsAny rank

Jobs is an Economy plugin on Prism Party, and one of the primary means of accumulating Gems (₲) in Survival. Jobs allows players to gain income as they play the game, either through passive actions, or actively through quests. Prism Party has 9 custom-made jobs for players to choose from, each with different rates of pay, paid actions, and quests.

All jobs on Prism Party work on a 5-tier system. Lower tier jobs have worse inital payouts, while higher tier jobs generally pay better earlier on. Regardless of which job is chosen, exact payouts are determined by the player's job level, the amount of jobs they are employed in, and the job tier.


Tier 1 job

Tier 5 job

Tier 2 job

Tier 4 job

Tier 3 job

Tier 1 job

Tier 3 job

Tier 5 job

Tier 5 job



Depending on rank, players may join additional jobs, at the cost of reduced overall income. Each additional job a player takes on reduces income by ~10%. Thus, while extra jobs may allow for additional means of gaining income, rarely does it result in higher pay. Often, it is best to focus on one job to quickly obtain Gems.

Max number of jobs
Pebble Quartz Amethyst Sapphire Emerald Topaz Iridium Prism
1 1 2 3 3 4 4 5


Levels allow all players to receive rank features for free. Below is a list of leveling perks impacting this plugin.

Level bonuses
Level 20 Level 35
+50% Income boost 5 Max jobs



  • The amount you earn from a job depends on your job level and the number of jobs you are employed in. Due to this, you will not earn the base payout amount shown in /jobs browse until you reach a higher jobs level.
    • The required level to reach this amount depends on the specific job and its tier.
  • The End dimension lowers job payouts for Survivalist and Miner.
    • While in The End, Miner pays 80% less, while Survivalist pays 50% less.
  • Joining multiple jobs is a good way of diversifying your income, however it is generally a bad idea to be employed in a job that is seldom used.
  • After leaving a job, you must wait 30 minutes before rejoining it.
  • Most jobs have a compliment which may allow for greater opportunities in collecting income, such as Farmer and Chef.
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