Help build Paragon!

Paragon is the name of Prism Party's work-in-progress world, and the next major feature update coming around the New Years.

Aug. 8, 2023

Help build Paragon!


Have your hand in creating the next major Prism Party update!

Paragon is the name of Prism Party's work-in-progress world, and the next major feature update coming around the New Years. Paragon will be a large, fully-featured world with custom terrain generation, biomes, and structures, made by Prism for Prism.

Overall, this will be a major refresh for gameplay on the server. With such a large change coming, we want to keep the community in mind and allow players to suggest their own biomes to add to Paragon!

What does Paragon look like now?

We can't show you too much yet; the world is still being crafted on the daily! However, anytime we create a new biome and add it to the world, we'll update the page for Paragon. This page contains additional details concerning the world, and detailed descriptions of each biome.

We'll also periodically post updates to ⁠#sneak-peeks, for those within the Discord.

Want to suggest a biome?

Everything within Paragon is made by hand for the community. Because of this, we're able to take requests for biomes added to the world! If you would like to suggest a biome, please leave a reply to the world's discussion board here using the format provided!

Community suggestions have a chance of being added to the final world. Just be aware that suggesting a biome does not give you immediate ownership over the biome once Paragon is released!

Want to help build structures?

Paragon won't feature any vanilla structures. All dungeons, villages, trees, and bushes that appear in the world will have been created by players. If you're interested in building custom dungeons, trees, or anything else for the world, please create a ticket within our Discord server to request access to the schematics world.

Paragon is currently in need of more basic structures and trees. We'd love to see your creations in the world!

That's all for now!

That's all for this announcement! Thanks for reading!

Our last Paragon announcement was made back in 2022. We've had a lot of new joins since then, so we'll be happy to answer any of your questions about the upcoming Paragon update in the comments.

This will be a massive update, with a lot of changes, so be on the lookout for additional future update posts concerning Paragon.

With love, Prism Party.

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