Things are about to get spooky! 🎃️

As we begin to wrap up the first week of October, it's time to announce our plans for the spookiest month of the year!

Oct. 6, 2023

Things are about to get spooky! 🎃️


It's spooky season on Prism Party!

As we begin to wrap up the first week of October, it's time to announce our plans for the spookiest month of the year! We have a bunch of events, contests, and activities planned for each week of October, as well as some other news, that we can't wait to share with you all. 👻️

A new, scary, look!

Cubey is getting into the Halloween spirit, and it's starting to show across the network!

The lobbies of Hub and Survival are starting to look a lot spookier, starting with the hub, which has seen a complete makeover. As the month progresses, expect to see more changes as darkness rolls in, transforming the landscape and bringing some mysterious magic...

Tricks for everyone!

Until the end of the month, all one-time ranks and boosts are 10% off! But, that's not all! Every time a rank is purchased, everyone online will be given two Trick or Treat keys! As the name suggests, this crate will reward everyone online with either a treat... or a devious trick

This exclusive crate contains special holiday rewards that can only be obtained during Spooktober. Some rewards even benefit everyone online! The crate can already by found at /warp Crates.

Voting, and participating in weekly events, are two other ways you can obtain Trick or Treat keys. Get a head-start in collecting the keys!

Vote links
Planet-minecraft logo.png
Vote site 1

Planet Minecraft

Minecraft-servers-list logo.png
Vote site 2

Minecraft Servers List

Minecraft-mp logo.png
Vote site 3

Minecraft Multiplayer

Exciting new events!

We have new events planned for the month of October, starting now! Want to participate? Grab the @Events role from ⁠#roles! Each event will reward participants with Trick or Treat keys, and some lucky winners may even unlock the rare Onyx /tag, which can only be obtained during Spooktober!

Show all events
Week 1
▶ Halloween Skin Contest (Discord)
▶ Halloween Build Contest (Discord)
Week 2
Warden: Isolation
Week 3
Dripleaf Spleef
▶ Community Trick-or-Treat
Week 4
▶ Halloween Rift
Week 5
▶ Movie Night (Discord)

We're happy you're here to celebrate with us!

That's all for this announcement! We can't wait to see everyone online. Please be sure to join our Discord server for the latest news and information!

We can't wait to celebrate the holiday season with you. 🧡💚💜

With love, Prism Party.

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