Welcome to the Unstable Rift

The Unstable Rift is Prism's unique take on a resource world. While most servers commonly employ an additional vanilla world for resource gathering, we wanted to do something a bit more fun (and risky)!

Mar. 4, 2023

Welcome to the Unstable Rift


Hey, everyone! We had a lot of fun with the Rift opening event last night, and we're glad to see you all enjoyed it, too! (Even if it was very different from a "normal" Prism event.)

Of course, not everyone was in-the-loop with all the lore shenanigans, so I'd like to use this announcement to catch everyone up on what the Rift really is.

About the Rift

The Unstable Rift is Prism's unique take on a resource world. While most servers commonly employ an additional vanilla world for resource gathering, we wanted to do something a bit more fun (and risky)!

The Rift is a 3.5k×3.5k world with custom generation and massive, resource-filled, caves, custom dungeons, increased mob rates, and harder difficulty. Anything in the rift is free for taking. There aren't any claims or build rules here.

This is a permanent addition to Prism's survival mode. Like a proper resource world, we will occasionally "reset" the dimension when it becomes a little too barren.

Things to know

The Rift acts as a separate dimension on Prism—not unlike the Nether or End—and as such has a lot of unique changes and features. Don't go in expecting another vanilla overworld!

  • The world is completely custom generated. Explore around to see what you come across!
  • Dying in the Rift will cause you to drop your items, regardless of your /settings. Don't bring anything you can't stand to lose. (Items in your backpack and Ender Chest are safe.)
  • Recovery Compasses work in the Rift!
  • Likewise, PvP is enabled for everyone in the rift. Be wary of other players.
  • Players within the Rift are fully obfuscated. You won't be able to see skins or names of other players around you, or even who killed you. Be careful!
  • Players will not show up using /near or on the worldmap.
  • Logging out will not kick you from the rift.
  • The rift has custom music on loop. You can disable this by adjusting the volume of your "Jukebox" slider in-game.
  • Natural health regeneration is disabled. You can only heal through potions or golden apples. Bring plenty of healing items or totems!
  • Every ore (to include Nether ores, like Ancient Debris and Nether Quartz) generates in the Rift, with the ores becoming more valuable the deeper you mine.
  • The world enforces the use of a custom resource pack. Mods like Fabric Skyboxes or Optifine are recommended for additional effect.
  • Most commands and rank perks are disabled. (Including /backpack, /back, and /tpa!)
  • Access to the Rift is temporary. (Read the next section.)
  • The world does NOT have a bedrock layer. Don't dig straight down!
  • McMMO, claiming, and other plugins, are disabled.
  • Staff can't help you in the rift! Cubey is not liable for any suffering incurred while in corrupt dimensions.

Getting to the Rift


In order to access the Rift, you will first need an Unstable Key. Unstable keys can be crafted using /crafting for one Paragon Crate Key and four Shadow Ameliorate. Completing the recipe will give you four Unstable Keys to use or share.

Once you have a key, travel to /warp RiftPortal and walk into the Darkness. A menu should appear asking if you'd like to enter the Rift. Make sure you're ready before accepting!

After falling into the Rift Fissure, you'll be transported to the Rift. Good luck! Once you leave spawn and see the "Unstable Rift" title, you're no longer protected.

Each Rift key is valid for re-use for up to an hour. This means that if you die (or otherwise leave the rift) within an hour after using your key, you won't need another to re-enter the rift: just walk into the Darkness above spawn and you'll be transported like before. After an hour, however, you will need another key to re-enter. Time your travels well!

You will not be kicked from the Rift after an hour there. As long as you don't die or leave, you can stay in the Rift indefinitely. You only require an additional key should you wish to return after an hour of entering.
You MUST accept the Resource Pack in order to play in the Rift.

Rules of the Rift

The Rift is a lawless, corrupt, barren outside of the light of Cubey. Most gameplay rules do not apply.

In particular…

  • Griefing is allowed; anything destroyed in the Rift will not be restored or rolled-back.
  • PvP is always active and is allowed, even if you may not wish to PvP.
  • Rift "Raids" are allowed. You may encounter groups of allied players who wish to kill others exploring the rift. Be careful!
  • Players are not obligated to return stolen or dropped items in the Rift.
  • Creating traps is allowed.

Despite this…

  • You must remain respectful. The Rift is a dangerous place where everything goes. Holding grudges against others who wronged you in the Rift goes against the spirit of the game. You knew the risks.
  • Rules regarding exploits, hacks, slurs, or acting offensively are still active. This is not an anarchy server, even if the Rift is anarchy-adjacent.

That's everything!

That's all you need to know (for now...)

We hope you all have a good time exploring the Rift together. Be careful, but have fun! If you have any suggestions for the rift, or ideas on what could be added or changed, please let us know! We're open to your ideas.
With love, Prism Party (and EOL)

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