Server maintenance incoming!

On April 20, Prism Party's base was updated to 1.19.4: Cubey (finally) supports the latest features, bug fixes, and more!

Apr. 22, 2023

Server maintenance incoming!

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...That's supposed to happen, right?

Current updates

On April 20, Prism Party's base was updated to 1.19.4: Cubey (finally) supports the latest features, bug fixes, and more! Alongside this update, the Bedrock compatibility layer was also updated, meaning that Bedrock players can play on the server under the latest update. As with any update, please report any bugs that might have escaped us. 😉

Future updates

On April 30, Prism Party will be making the move away from the legacy Enjin-based website over to this site. While the old site has been with us since the start of the server in 2019, Enjin has decided to away from web hosting to focus on Crypto. While we're saddened to see this chapter of Prism Party come to a close, we understand that hosting our own, independent, site will only prove to be a beneficial change moving forward.

The new Prism Party website aims to be cleaner, easier to navigate, more up-to-date with the news posted to Discord, accessible & customizable, and―above all―community editable. Unlike most server websites that are composed of a few static pages and a shop, we want this new website to reflect the community-based nature of the server. As such, anyone with an account is free to edit and create pages for whatever they see fit.

See something missing from the Commands page? Make an edit to include it! Want to make a page documenting a player-made project? Go for it! There's no penalty to making a mistake―everything can be rolled back and restored―so go leave your mark! If you need help editing, feel free to check out our editing guide first. You can also grab the extra Site Editor role within our Discord for additional help resources from the community.

As part of this transition, we'll also be revamping our server webshop to make it faster, more integrated, and more user-friendly (especially in regards to gifting packages to others). We're excited to maintain a custom-built website for Prism, complete with all the bells and whistles the community deserves. While the site is still being built―and will likely remain under construction even after April 30th―we hope you'll enjoy using the new site.

Things to look out for

Before we end this, we would like to give some forewarning as to what to expect during this migration. While we're trying to ensure that our services see as minimal disruption as possible, little oversights and bugs are hard to avoid with changes as large as this.

  • In the following weeks, there may be a temporary disruption in the ability to connect to the server under the typical address. The fallback address will be unaffected.
  • Access to the old website will be restricted. If you have any content you would like to save, now's the time to save it!
  • As the old server webshop is deprecated, some users may be unable to manage their existing subscriptions through the website as expected. We will manually review all existing subscriptions and work with current subscribers to ensure that the migration to the new shop system is as smooth as possible. However, if you experience any difficulties with your purchases, please email us at [email protected].
  • Some links to the Prism Party website from Minecraft or other socials may lead to 404 pages on the new site. Until these can all be updated, please let us know if you discover any unexpected pages!
  • While we're aiming to migrate all content from the old website over (blogs and forum posts included), it's not a 1:1 process: some content may not accurately reflect the original state it was posted to on the old website.
  • This site will be moved to the domain. Accessing the site with the "dev." subdomain will not work following the move.

Despite the list, we don't expect there to be much disruption; we just want to be prepared! Overall, we're very excited about this change, growing pains aside. We can't wait to see what this new site becomes as people begin to make edits.

We're happy you're here to celebrate with us!

That's all for this announcement! We can't wait to see everyone online and editing. Please be sure to join our Discord server for the latest news and information! And, as always, if you have questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments of this post!

With love, Prism Party.

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