March 4, 2023

From Prism Party
Time until Event:
Location: /server events
Version: 1.19 - 1.19.2

Event Description

In this UHC event, players will form teams of two, of their own volition, prior to the start of the game. Once the game starts, all created teams will be randomly scattered within a 900×900 naturally generated world. At this point, players should focus on survival: gathering and crafting armor, tools, and weapons to prepare in fighting monsters and other players.

The first 10 minutes of the event is the grace period: During this time, any deaths that occur will be revived, and PvP is disabled. Marking the end of the grace period is the final heal, in which all players are brought back to full health for the final time and PvP is enabled.

When a player is eliminated, they will be entered into spectator mode and allowed to watch the remainder of the game. So long as the deceased player's teammate is alive, the team is still eligible for shared victory. Towards the end of the event, the world border will begin to shrink, culminating in the final deathmatch when it finishes shrinking around the world spawn.

The last team alive at the end of deathmatch is the winner.

Active Scenarios

Name Description
Never weary Phantom spawning is disabled.
Children Left Unattended When a teammate dies you receive a speed potion and a tamed wolf.
Double Gold The original amount of gold will double when mined.
No-Clean Gives you 30 seconds of invincibility after a kill. Attacking other players will remove this PvP Protection.
Team Inventory Each team has an extra inventory that all members from the team can view by using /teaminventory.
BestPvE Each player will be added to the "Best PvE List" at the start of the game. While being on the list, you will gain 1 extra heart every 10 minutes. Once a player takes damage, the player will be removed from the list. If you kill a player, you are added back to the list.
Horseless You are not able to tame horses/donkeys.
Voicechat Proximity chat support is enabled.
Skulls Killing a player will drop their head. "Consuming" this item will heal your team.

Things to know

  • This event is team based. You will have access to a shared team backpack using /teaminventory.
  • By default, messages will be sent out to your team chat. Use /chat to toggle global chat on.
  • The Tab list tracks all the team colors and player health.
    • There is a bug that may cause the tab list not to show team colors. Relogging will fix this.
  • If you disconnected, don't worry! As long as you reconnect within 10 minutes you are still in the game. After 10 minutes, you will be eliminated automatically if you do not reconnect.
  • When your teammate dies, you will be given a tamed wolf to assist you.
  • "Consuming" the heads of your felled opponents will grant your whole team regeneration.
  • The border starts at 900x/z, and stops shrinking at 475x/z.
  • Once in the lobby, you can select a team by right-clicking the sword to open the team interface.
  • PvP is using the current time-based system. Do not spam click.
  • Once deathmatch begins, your team will be teleported into position and kept there for 30 seconds. To avoid unnecessary damage, do not move until the countdown ends.
  • Enchantments are enabled.
  • You can craft a "light anvil" for cheaper than the usual anvil recipe cost. Check the "custom recipes" item in the lobby for more information.


  1. Do not cross-team.
  2. Do not purposefully harm your teammate using traps.
  3. Do not abuse spectator mode to grant your living teammate an advantage.
  4. Do not use client mods, exploits, or cheats. Some mods normally allowed on Survival (such as minimaps) may not be allowed in UHC.
  5. Do not disconnect from the game once it has started.
  6. Be a good sport and act in grace, even during a defeat.
  7. Abide by regular Prism Party rules.
  8. Do not misuse Proximity Chat (ie. by playing intentionally loud or distressing audio).


  • Prioritize collecting gold. With natural regeneration disabled, Golden Apples are a top priority.
  • Always be mindful of the border. After a point in the game, it will begin to shrink and you can easily suffocate if caught outside it.
  • Sneaking is advantageous: other players will not be able to hear or see you easily if you are sneaking, and you are less likely to fall.
  • The environment is responsible for most deaths in UHC. Don't fight mobs unless strictly necessary, and be mindful of holes.
  • Bows and arrows are a vital weapon and should be valued over swords and axes in most cased.
    • However, keep in mind that axes are capable of disabling shields in combat.
  • A shield can protect you from most early combat and buy you time to escape.
  • Fire and Lava can be a fantastic means of dealing damage to others.
    • Due to this, you should consider having a bucket of water in your inventory.
  • Collect apples from trees within the first day, so that you can prioritize mining the rest of the game.
  • Scout out the area during the game's grace period. You want to find structures and valuables before others, and before the final heal.
  • Your teammate is your most valuable ally; split your resources and form strategies together.
  • Avoid the surface at night and in the early morning.
  • Building above y=160 is disabled, making skybasing a less viable strategy.


Place Prize
🥇 First Free month of Prism (If a member of the team already has Prism, they may pass the prize to someone else, or claim a free month later.)

Housing deed or Paragon Core
5 Paragon keys
Spinel /tag

🥈 Second 3 Paragon keys

Prismatic Heart
Peridot /tag

🥉 Third 1 Paragon key

3 Essence Bundle keys
Peridot /tag

🎖️ Everyone All participants will receive 5 Lucky keys, regardless of final position.
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