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Happy Birthday, Cubey!
Prism Party is turning four this month!






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Nov 1, 2023

Prism Party is four years old!


It's hard to believe we've been around this long!

Phew, can you believe that Spooktober is already over? With the month of October out of the way, we have a bunch of brand-new events planned for the entirety of November! Can you believe it? Cubey is turning four!

Starting next week, we'll be hosting a month-long party for Prism itself! We'll also officially conclude our Spooktober celebrations by announcing the Skin and Build contest winners.

A new, fun, look!

What better way to celebrate a party than with copious amounts of decoration?

The lobbies of Hub and Survival are starting to look a lot more celebratory, starting with the hub, which has seen a complete makeover. As the month progresses, expect to see more changes as the party rages on!

Goodies for everyone!

Soon, you'll be able to collect Birthday Cake Keys from voting, boost rewards, and from weekly events!

This exclusive crate contains special holiday rewards that can only be obtained during Cubey's Birthday. Some rewards even benefit everyone online! The crate can soon be found at /warp Crates (once Squash the Pumpkin moves out of the way...).

Get a head-start in collecting the keys!

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Planet Minecraft

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Minecraft Servers List

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Minecraft Multiplayer

Exciting new events!

We have new events planned for the month of November, starting now! Want to participate? Grab the @Events role from ⁠#roles! Each event will reward participants with Birthday Cake keys, and some lucky winners may even unlock the rare Alexandrite /tag, which can only be obtained during Cubey's Birthday!

Show all events
Week 1
Dripleaf Spleef
Week 2
Week 3
Drop Party
Week 4

We're happy you're here to celebrate with us!

That's all for this announcement! We can't wait to see everyone online. Please be sure to join our Discord server for the latest news and information!

We can't wait to celebrate Prism Party's birthday with you. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

With love, Prism Party.

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Things are about to get spooky! 🎃️

Title Post
Help build Paragon!
Paragon is the name of Prism Party's work-in-progress world, and the next major feature update coming around the New Years.
The Pride contest winners have been decided!
The winners from last month's Pride Skin and Build Contests have been decided!
Prism Party is now on 1.20!
The Trails and Tales update has come to Prism Party, bringing a new biome, trees, mobs, and a whole lot more exploration to the server!
Updates imminent!
Prism Party staff have been busy working on updating the Network to 1.20 and on the next major Survival update.
Prism Creative is in open beta! (+ build contest details)
We're ready to announce the grand re-opening of the Prism Party Creative server!

Recent updates
Change Date Details
Oct. 12
Prism Party is testing the new Server Shop feature from Discord. Players can now view and purchase one-time rank packages directly from the "Server Shop" tab at the top of the channel list.
Oct. 12
Player ranks from Minecraft will now sync with your Discord profile.
Sep. 30
Fixed a bug preventing players on 1.20.2 from connecting.
Sep. 24
Prism Party now supports connections from 1.20.2, as well as the latest Bedrock release.
Aug. 15
The worldborder is being expanded another 250 blocks! The expansion will complete 24 hours following this announcement.
Aug. 10
Prism Party now has yearly subscription versions of Prism and Iridium. Instead of monthly installments, players now have the option to purchase ranks on a yearly basis at a discounted rate.

Subscription ranks can be cancelled at any time without losing the allotted access.

If you have an active monthly Prism or Iridium subscription subscription, and would like to switch to the yearly model, please create a "Webstore Support" ticket in #general-support for assistance.

Aug. 9
The End is likely to be reset within the following days to ensure that materials are easily accessible. Please make sure to move your valuables out of the world soon!
Aug. 9
mcMMO and Jobs now properly work with the new wood types.
Server information
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1.19-1.20 Java/Bedrock
online now
Server information
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1.19-1.20 Java/Bedrock
online now
Support the server
Yearly goal: $2000
Last updated: Dec. 8

Event countdown
Dec 03, 2023 16:00 UTC
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